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Dealing with an aged or diseased tree on your property can be hazardous. This post will educate you on how to remove a dead tree most safely and efficiently.

Recognizing a Dead Tree

How To Remove A Dead Tree Alpharetta, GA

The first step in the process is to establish whether or not the tree on your property has indeed perished. Look out for brittle branches, lack of leaves during the growing season, fungus growth, or other signs of devastation.

Taking Safety Precautions

If you decide to handle tree removal yourself, it’s paramount that you prioritize safety. Remember that some tasks are best left to professionals due to the potential dangers involved. Using a tree removal service would be prudent in instances where the tree is large.

Preparation Steps

  • Determine a falling direction for the tree based on its lean and surrounding environment.
  • Create a clear escape route opposite the planned falling direction of the tree.
  • Purchase and utilize appropriate safety gear like protective eyewear and hard hats.

The Removal Process

To effectively remove a dead tree from your property, use these steps:

  • Create a top cut into the trunk of the dead tree at an angle about two-thirds into its width.
  • Create a bottom cut that meets with the top cut creating a wedge.
  • Create a back cut opposite of the wedge directing it towards your intended fall zone but ensure it’s slightly above your bottom cut. Do not completely sever as this notch helps guide the tree’s fall.

When to Hire Professional Assistance?

While removing a smaller tree might be manageable, larger specimens bordering power lines or neighboring property might pose a considerable risk. Trust your gut feeling and call for professional help if you don’t feel confident enough to remove the tree alone. This is not an area where risks should be taken lightly.

How to Remove a Dead Tree: The Takeaway!

How To Remove A Dead Tree in Alpharetta, GA

Learning how to remove a dead tree is crucial in maintaining the safety of your surroundings. However, it’s always wise to contact professionals if the task appears too daunting or dangerous. If you’re located in Alpharetta, GA, Quick Sand Professional Tree Services LLC is ready to assist with your tree removal needs. Give us a call at (470) 747-0412. Your safety is our top priority.

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